Project Regulation
WP1 will administer the project and ensure the quality of the deliverables.
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Modelling Climate Related Energies
WP2 will develop a methodology able to understand the space-time dependency between different energy sources driven by climatic variables.
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Realising Mitigation Strategies
This work package is principally concerned with the way in which top-down information flows relating to Climate Mitigation (CM) policy are implemented on the ground.
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Socio-Economic and Land Use Dynamics in the Stockholm-Mälar Region
WP4 will provide process understanding and instruments for support of the transition to a low carbon society - with application to the Stockholm-Mälar region of Sweden.
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Energy Economy and Society
WP5 will develop of a system of models utilizing non-linear climate responses and regime-shifts of economic-ecological systems.
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Model Integration
This WP will coordinate interaction between other project WPs to integrate models and knowledge generated in various case studies.
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Dissemination, Integration and Exploitation
The integrative approach used here, treats multiple problem formulations as an inevitable consequence of competition for economic and natural resources.
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