The model integration framework is developed to link models which are developed using different programming language and which could be located on different location. It is developed using web service based approach - models are wrapped with web services and the integration framework handles the synchronization, semantic mediation, and data conversion functionalities.

The integration framework organizes its content in different menus. Here we present brief description of the main menus of the system.

1.Wrapped Models Menu

This menu consists of models wrapped with web services. Models developed using GAMS, NetLogo, Java, and C++ are presented as web service. Users can access this web service based models as stand-alone systems. A user can also provide inputs and run simulations.

2. Integration Menu

The integration menu consists of interfaces that link the web service based models.

3. Runtime Applications Menu

This menu consists of two interfaces that focus on runtime access and integration of models.

4. Semantics Menu

This menu consists of forms that demonstrate how freely available ontology can be used in semantic mediation, and different semantic matching algorithms in semantic mediation.

 The model integration framework can be accessed using the following link