WP1 will administer the project and ensure the quality of the deliverables.

The COMPLEX approach  approach to science-based innovation hinges on a distinction of regulation from research management.

Regulation is intended to be normative - auditable and firm enough to satisfy legal / contractual obligations, but light enough to provide the managerial ‘wriggle-room’ necessary for innovation. Managerial activity is much more responsive, flexible and creative.

WP1 is  responsible for constituting the Steering Board and convening its meetings, the regulation
of work under the consortium agreement, financial support and guidance to partners, quality
assurance, accounting and the preparation of management reports to the Commission.

As a spin-off of our activities, WP1 has produced a book aimed at students, early career researchers and research managers. The book, which can be downloaded free of charge from the publisher, is called:

"The Behavioural Ecology of Project-Based Science"


D1.5 - Policy statements on NRM, social issues, participation and quality